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clothes on. nearly 80 people were targeted. police had to use the football stadium to stage the operation. the investigation has gotten so big they were able to go after the whole organization. >> we identified sources of supply in new york from heroin, to baltimore. ratified a source of supply for marijuana in san diego, calif. that came to california through pennsylvania. >> also arrested today was the father of a 7-year-old who was arrested in 2007 by city police force sitting on a dirt bike. the mayor apologize to the family then. there were no apologies today. >> the u.s. attorney's office addressed the bust this afternoon. we will have more on that and more exclusive video coming up at 6:00. >> in wisconsin, lawmakers approved a bill stripping collective bargaining rights from workers. this standoff was broken when republicans realize they could pass the bill without the vote of the assembly members. lawmakers from the senate and assembly approved a bill short time later and democrats say they will contact the attorney general about last night's vote. maryland has a big budget hole
on a scale of 127 used to rate nuclear disasters previously -- on a scale of one to seven, previously used to rate disasters that only rated linganore levels. >> the u.s. has already conducted helicopter missions along the battered coastline and found a few isolated communities of survivors. >> wease alan -- we found essentially hundreds of people, 100 at this place, to wonder at this place. it is just a matter of getting them out -- 200 at this place. it is just a matter of getting them out. >> the u.s. carrier ronald reagan is still off the shore of japan launching aircraft loaded with supplies. but the shift moved further on tuesday after some crewmembers tested positive for low levels of radiation. -- further out to sea after some crewmembers tested for low levels of radiation european pet energy officials are applying stress tests to their plant and germany officials have switched off some of their plants, one of them permanently. >> the nuclear crisis in japan comes just as america had finally started to get past its discomfort with nuclear power, caused more than 30 years ago by thr
are suffering and also the damage itself. >> one man is grateful for the outpouring of assistance from the u.s. and other countries. one has been communicating through e-mail and she has been looking through japanese web sites to get the latest information. >> you have heard how important skype has been for people to stay in touch with each other. we go to tokyo. what did you experience when the earthquake hit? >> the building was shaking hard and people could not stand up straight. >> did you stay inside or did you go outside? >> i went outside. >> about how long did it last? >> it was for three minutes. >> was there very much damage in tokyo? that was not as close to the northeastern part. >> not too much damage in tokyo? >> i don't think so. >> the hour earthquake and tsunami coverage continues online at wbaltv.com. pictures and videos show the devastation. you can see the pictures and a guide. we have posted the link on our home page. >> maybe next year, that is what many advocates of the same sex marriage legislation are saying after the legislation died. it was sent back to committee. da
think we have a plan that will improve on what the governor submitted to us. it will be better for baltimore city, a better for a lot of jurisdictions brinkley. >> some top school leaders remain skeptical. to go what i've heard about what is in the works is we're heading in the right direction, but it is very early. what comes out of a committee is not necessarily what comes in the final budget. >> baltimore city has already asked veteran teachers to retire to offset more than $15 million in cuts, but some city residents still have their doubts. >> they do not respect us, and then all of a sudden here comes the money. they are playing political football with us. and i do not understand where the money is coming from. to go and baltimore county as many as 200 teaching positions remain on the chopping block. -- >> in baltimore county as many as 200 teaching positions remain on the chopping block. right now you would be hard- pressed to find school districts who are prepared to close the books on the budget. take of the budget the governor submitted in january was always his first
and damaging wind. >> remember, you can track the weather using our interactive radar. this is all in your control at wbaltv.com. >> tonight, the world is remembering the legendary elizabeth taylor. the actress died after congestive heart failure. at times, her personal life was a great drama. she was the star of more than 50 movies. >> with her striking movie -- beauty and violet eyes, she was the epitome of a hollywood icon. >> he is the last of that classic star arab -- era. >> when you think classic hollywood, you think elizabeth taylor. what she started when she was just a teenager. to star in /on legendary pictures. she earned five academy award nominations and won two oscars. she was the first woman to earn a million dollars for a film. >> at the time, it was absolutely gigantic. >> on screen, her life is just as dramatic. >> there was more drama than most of the films. >> married 8 times, has the number 6, u.s. senator john warner. >> her heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> it was her romance to richard burton that created a media frenzy.
. the rain could take us through the rest of the work week. you have been calling this a slow-moving system. >> it will take a couple of days through the rest of the work week to get out of here. it will not pick up speed and accelerate until some time saturday morning. there has been a wintry mix of precipitation. there has been sleek, freezing rain, snow. the center is well off to the north and west tracking through the chicago area. there are nasty severe thunderstorms on the gulf coast. there are some very heavy rains possible. this is anywhere from two and a half, 4 inches of rain may come down between now and friday morning. a general thought is that anywhere from one and a half to nearly 3 inches of rain will be possible over the course of the next couple of days. there are some flood warnings in effect in parts of washington and frederick county where some of the streams and creeks are already showing signs of flooding. more details coming up in a couple of minutes. >> you can track the ring with our interactive radar, a check for flood alerts, and save the location on your computer
and wait for several months to come in. >> the majority of these cars are made at u.s. plants, but even those are cutting back on production due to the fears the parts they're getting from japan will be delayed. >> we are on about a 90-day supply. as it stands right now, our supply looks good. but what the future holds, it is tough to tell. >> if you are in the market for a japanese car now, -- >> you should buy it now. >> the manufacturers have good deals. even if you are doing research come in and say hi and see what the supply looks like. but right now, you will have your best choice. >> one shopper we talked to set her mind was elsewhere. >> i don't think the car problem is the biggest issue that all. the nuclear about reactor. >> late this afternoon, we learned the problem has extended to american car makers with general motors announcing its plant in louisiana has suspended production indefinitely due to a shortage of parts that come from japan. we are quickly learning just how vital japan is to the auto industry worldwide. >> thank you. the earthquake in japan was as strong as so
is a reminder for people to take precautions when there is a gun in the home, such as using safety locks and keeping them out of reach of children. >> a howard county man has pleaded guilty in a shocking case of child pornography and rape. the man even posted declines online. i-team reporter barry sims is live. >> the victim was 6 years old at the time. if state prosecutors get what they want, the suspect will be 60 when he is released from prison. he will be on the sex offenders register it for the rest of his life. jeffrey transom expects a long prison term, after pleading guilty to sexually exploiting a child to produce a child pornography, and possessing child pornography. the assistant state's attorney called this a tough case. >> in my 10 years, this is the worst case i have ever had short of homicide. >> the man admitted to raping a 6-year-old girl and posting images of the sexual abuse on the internet between august and september 2009. he sent a live broadcast through a web camera. police found over 600 images of child pornography, including images of the victim. >> there was an
with a councilwoman today. -- >> barry simms spoke with a councilman today. he joins us at city hall. >> this councilwoman demands -- insists that she is at home in baltimore, despite the fact that she may live in randallstown. >> a blog raises questions about whether she lives in a district that she serves, or even if she reside in the city. her response, she is a city resident. >> i represent the seventh district on the city council and absolutely, yes, i live in the district. >> her address is 3210 liberty heights ave. she said she lives at this address with her two children. that house is owned by her father, frank conway senior. but councilwoman would not say how many others live at the house. >> i will say it is a huge house. we certainly have room to accommodate. >> state records show that she is married and lists her principal residence with her husband in the randallstown community of baltimore county. records show she purchased this house in 1997 and changed the beat in 19 -- burgiss the house in 1987 and change the d in 1996 -- purchased the house in 1987 and changed the d
any attempt t stop demonstrations. >> the rule is that you do not get to use your objective standards to recall my intention of -- my intention to inflict emotional distress. otherwise, he would have to shut up. >> snyder applaud this new effort. >> tonight, baltimore city police have made an arrest in the murder of a carver high school student. 30-year-old parent sense is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder. ronald gibbs was stabbed to death after trying to intervene in an argument that the suspect was having with his sister. we're told that gibbs was a local boxer and had hopes of going to the olympics. and in baltimore county, every charges against a randallstown man for two girls that went missing over the weekend. he faces a second-degree rape and third degree sex offenses in the case. the 12 and 13-year-old girls were reported missing 5:00 p.m. friday afternoon and were found sunday, late, in woodlawn. >> we're still trying to determine the relationship, if there was any prior contact between the suspect and the juvenile the terms of this case. >> he is current
. >> this has to do with their choices as a country. what kind of energy do we want to use? how much are we willing to pay for it? it is one element for another. that is one discussion we need to have. >> he also predicts that in the coming days he expects politicians and various stakeholders to review their posions on what to do next about nuclear power and power plants. live in college park, george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the continued threat of a meltdown on one nuclear reactor has it raised fears about radiation exposure of those who live nearby. that fear is real, but so far the actual radiation exposure to this site is estimated at less than 10% of a typical chest x-ray. in the event of a large meltdown, the japanese government has distributed more than two under thousand doses of stable iodine. -- 200,000 doses. it would stop radiation from accumulating in the thyroid. those living closest to the reactor bigger health risks than a radiation leak. >> the lack of clean water, lack of safety, the risk of additional earthquakes, fires, explosions. it is many times higher than the ri
decision that is ongoing. >> u.s. forces would have the major role just to lower -- just a lower public profile. >> remember the scene and "wizard of oz"? >> leading democratic senator jay rockefeller said, i want to avoid getting into another conflict with on down costs and consequences. the white house said the president had to get into libya before congress could debate. >> there is very little doubt that benghazi would have fallen and many people would have died. >> meanwhile, a massive protest today in syria, a nation next to israel. in jordan today, the most violent demonstration so far. critical mideast states in turmoil with u.s. forces in action, far to the west. it looks like no quick -- officials are planning for a three-month operation over libya. >> you will find the latest developments on efforts to drive the libyan leader out of power on our website. you can take part in our survey. what role do you think the u.s. should play in the country? go to wbaltv.com. >> state -- state leaders are tapping the brakes on health care reform in maryland. no changes will be allowed wit
ruled out using american ground troops in libya, gaddafi has launched a round of attacks on civilians. we have the latest from capitol hill. >> as the libyan air war get smarter, he is not giving up or getting out. his forces counterattack, pushing the libyan ravel's -- rebels back. >> he is using snipers to shoot people them and let them bleed to death in the streets. >> [unintelligible] we urge gaddafi and his people to leave and not cause any more bloodshed. >> he says no. >> we are not sure what exactly we will get to any change in attitude by gaddafi. >> president obama ruled out u.s. ground troops. >> cattle hill is splintered. -- capitol hill is splintered. >> if he hangs on, what will that say about mr. obama. violence to use retain power. if he does not go, that is the lesson people will draw from that. >> america will save many libyan lives to remove gaddafi from power. helping to build a democratic pro-western libya has to go on hold. >> now to japan where toxic discoveries are raising already- years. plutonium has been found. radiation also continues to spread. they have p
on to the governor who says he will sign it. >> david collins joins us live from a lavalas did from annapolis. >> it is not over yet. a committee cliffhanger. state house leader say he will vote against it when it comes to a vote on the house floor. getting to this point has been a roller-coaster ride. too delicate skin is the key voting session earlier in the week. whether a committee vote -- delegates skipped the key voting session earlier in the week. his vote had been laboring. he issued a statement saying i will vote to send the bill to the governor so that merrill lenders can ultimately decide the issue at the polls. another delegate left the chamber earlier carrying a suitcase. delegate olsen try to change the bill into a civil union measure. >> my community does not want this bill to pass, but they do support civil union. >> another delegate urges colleagues to consider the amendment. >> democrat mitchell, the lead sponsor, took exception to the tone of the comment. >> i would urge my colleagues to reject the amendment. >> what would not do is not take the domain of the church and rep
not routinely collect income eligibility from families. grant money was used for unauthorized work. there was no consistency in documenting credentials of lead abatement contractors and one country -- one company owning a number of properties was also contacted for lead abatement work. a spokesman for mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she is disappointed and calls what has happened clearly unacceptable. the city health department claims in april 2010 it realized it could not reach its goal and requested a six month extension. it added measures to enhance oversight, but hud denied the extension. for this mother, the funding loss is disappointing. >> they're helping us and helping our children to succeed in life. >> the city hopes to have a lead abatement program to the housing and development program by april 1. the plan to apply for another gramm later this year. >> barry, thank you. the federal government will not shut down friday, but it will be smaller. the house passed a spending bill that includes $2 billion in cuts. steve immelt -- steve handelsman has more on how they plan
, but the rebels are in trouble. they want the u.s. to send them heavy weapons. some democrats fear president obama has put us into a long and may be a losing fight. >> it is easy to get into one of these. it is very difficult as events unfold to get out of there. >> libyan americans gathered to urge no quick american pullout. >> continue the humanitarian support in libya. gaddafi's forces continue to the state to kill and maim innocent civilians in many cities. >> this is tripoli tonight. muammar gaddafi's supporters celebrating. there side is staging a comeback. >> the obama plan is to pull back and turn over control of the libyan military operations to the u.s. allies within a few days. steve handelsman, wbal tv 11 news. >> and tonight, more than 400 maryland national guard soldiers are now on their way to the troubled middle east. for many of them, this is not their first deployment, but this time they're going in as peacekeepers and eventually they are headed to egypt. >> the 175th infantry is the oldest national guard unit in the state of maryland. it dates back to the revolutionary war. this
the president sell some of our emergency stash? the strategic u.s. petroleum reserves stored on but gulf coast. >> at that point we will be inflicting pain on real, it -- on middle america and low income families when it reaches $4 a gallon. >> no decision yet by the obama administration on of oil reserves or the no-fly zone and no sense that the white house is in a rush. >> the big story tonight, sorting out details of a violent weekend in >> in two of the incidents, the victims were trying to stop a crime from happening. barry simms is live in baltimore city police headquarters where the investigation continues. >> that high school student, ronald biggs, was planning to go to the olympics. the other victim was a business owner in southwest baltimore. violent confrontations on baltimore city streets. now 57-year-old business -- george marshall and 17-year-old ronald genser are both dead after trying to stop to violence situations -- ronald gibbs. >> the best thing to do is call 911 and we will get an officer to you as quickly as possible. said they heard commotion outside and he was trying to
and lip. the coach tells us over the phone in with the same man choking him moments before. hertford county schools have a message for parents or adults who come to school to -- school sponsored sporting events. >> we want the parents to follow the good that we want our students to follow. even though sometimes that may be difficult in the heat of the moment, we really need the backing of the parent as well to help us keep these sporting events professional, as they should be. >> we are told that the 17-year- old boy that was punched will not be filing charges against the man. the sheriff's office could charge him with criminal charges. fallston will play tomorrow in the regional finals, but two of its players may not be able to play because they bring injured in this brawl. they either have some bruised or broken ribs. >> over the years, maryland has increased the gas tax, the tobacco tax, and the sales tax. the tax on alcohol, however, has not been changed in 38 years, thanks mostly to the states powerful alcohol lobby. it may now be gaining momentum. >> supporters have always made
for gunshot wounds after the military assault his citizens. u.s. military ships are had is closer to the country. could we be getting ready for another military conflict? >> it was a big talk on capitol hill. the obama administration is trying to dial back some of the talk about possible military action. >> there is a lot of loose talk about some of these military options. >> defense secretary robert gates giving a candid assessment about the possibility of u.s. military intervention in libya including talks about a no-fly zone. >> a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. to destroy the air defenses, that is the way you do a no-fly zone. >> gates said that a no-fly zone could be done at the president ordered it. the white house says this is not off the table. >> are we considering an attack on libya? >> we are considering a variety of options and we have not ruled any options out. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said that further involvement would be a difficult decision. >> the tough issues about how and whether there would be any intervention to assist those who are o
. other auto companies will delay production shipments for u.s. dealers because of shutdowns in japan. one carrier will continue trips to and from its pub in tokyo's airport. there is so much devastation and danger in japan. tv 11 news. >> today president obama demanded the libyan leader martti gaddafi -- colonel gaddafi stand down. this came 24 hours after the u.n. security council voted to authorize military action. we have the latest from washington. >> a day after the u.n. security council imposed a no-fly zone over libya, president obama spoke. >> these terms are not under negotiation. it khaddafi can not comply -- if khaddafi cannot comply, the resolution will be in force with military action. >> we have faith we are not going to deploy ground troops in libya. we are not going to use force beyond a well-defined goal. >> he did not spell out exactly what the u.s. military will do. today critics have hammered the president's. >> it is long past time for the president of the united states to answer these calls for international leadership. >> they have declared an immediate nationwide c
. >> tonight, u.s. and british officials are applauding two high-profile defections from the gaddafi regime, the bien foreign minister and -- the libyan foreign minister and a general. but it is a bad day still on the battlefield for the gaddafi opposition. >> again today, libyan rebels were in retreat, firing on government forces with what little they have. but taking fire and taking flight. the rebels were moving away from tripoli. muammar gaddafi is regaining ground, but he has lost something that might matter more. the libyan foreign minister defected to britain. he's gaddafi's right-hand man, blamed by some of orchestrating the lockerbie bombing. but without it -- without giving immunity he switched sides. >> the point is, pressure on gaddafi is intense. the people around him are realizing the days of this regime are numbered. >> it is a validation of the obama coalition plan to destroy gaddafi's deadliest weapons. this was a building f-16 attack yesterday and tipped the balance to the rebels without sending u.s. ground forces. >> the removal of colonel gaddafi will likely be achieved
turnaround because of the u.s. and our allies. muammar gaddafi's heavy weapons are being destroyed by coalition pilots. and the air tactic that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato. but many in congress warned president obama not to send u.s. ground troops to depose gaddafi, who said this today. >> yes, we want him out. no, we do not want to do it at the enormous costs of a million -- a military invasion. >> what is our mission in libya? what is at stake there? why are we in the third engagement in the middle east? >> lawmakers wanted a role in the advance -- in advance of the air war. >> this was not in our interest -- i want to know why we were not advised because this was not in our interest before we committed forces to the air war. >> i do not think it is vital for the u.s., but we clearly have interests there and it is part of a region that is of vital interest for the u.s. >> the region is in chaos with uprisings in syria, egypt, and the georgijordan offensive in libya has already cost about $1 billion. >> at the white house, i'm steve handelsman, wbal tv 11 news. >
a pretty lively reaction and may provide a preview of political battles yet to come. jayne miller joins us live at city hall with the details. >> the campaign for mayor is months away but we did get a pretty good taste of it. mayor stephanie rawlings blake budget seeks to close some rec centers but holds the line on taxes and fees. >> the decision we are making are hard decision and are being recognized for the right thing to do to move the city forward. >> it closes a $60 billion deficit by cutting hours at libraries and imposing new fees for trash pickup. it will hire 300 new cops. >> i did not hear any reform. i did not hear any substantive change. >> this candidate criticized the budget plan for missing the two most important goals. >> they continue to cut is really lazy economics. >> the former city planner favors an overhaul of the process. >> i will fill this gap and not that one does not deal with the structural deficit. >> the mayor shrugged off the criticism. >> it is probably interesting for people in europe to get us to spar, but there will be more than enough time for us to do
will be self to us. it will be noticeably cooler. the front will be just to our south and then will stall. along that boundary, we will see a series of low pressure systems moving through. each brings a chance for wet weather. maybe a little sun early in the morning, but clouds by the evening. it will be a messy and winter remix from pennsylvania into new england. they are still on the cold side of the system. we will pick up occasional showers. chilly rain tuesday night into wednesday. thursday could be called enough for pennsylvania snow showers. we may seeoffthuray. west of im thefternoon. tomorrow, ama0-degree drop on the thermometer, thanks to a northwest breeze and cloudy skies. on the bay, wind is at 10 miles per hour, average wavesnew recok tomorrow. western maryland couamecan acads says parents longer tolocations wednesday and turca. from rear- 60 facing when the ch it turned much cooler wednesday through friday. 45 for the high thursday. 30 friday morning. sun in the afternoon. maybe sleet or wet snow on saturday and sunday. weakened high temperatures only in the low 40's. >> a
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24

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